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Audiologist in Orem, Utah

House of Hearing, located in Orem, Utah, offers comprehensive audiology services with the ‘Audiologist Near Me’ service, making audiology expertise easily accessible. Our team of professionals uses advanced diagnostic equipment to provide personalized hearing solutions.

We are committed to full-service care, including dedicated patient education, in a trustworthy and professional manner. Choose House of Hearing for quality, reliable, and local audiology services.

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Janie Hawks
Janie Hawks
I like it here and am pleased with my experience and with my hearing aid
Janet Carter
Janet Carter
Let's see great place to get your ears checked courteous helpful. I'll be back. I'd do it again in a heartbeat
Dana Clark
Dana Clark
Staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They have a wide variety of products and know which one is best for you.
Terry Gardner
Terry Gardner
I’ve been going to House if you’re for over four years. They have treated me with respect they understand my needs and have worked diligently to help me have the best hearing I could have I continue going to them because of the people that work there and how they respect and treat me, I highly recommend them to anyone that needs hearing improvement
Mary Valgardson
Mary Valgardson
If you want the best in care, Brenda Devereaux is the one! You will not find a more compassionate, caring professional than her! She truly cares, listens and delivers your needs! There are not enough words to express how great she is! I recommend her wholeheartedly!
deborah hinman
deborah hinman
Brenda spent so much time & care with my friend, Ellen (90 years old). She advised her about her current hearing aid. Told her she just needs adjustments so no need to buy new hearing aids. I would certainly go to her for my own hearing issues. Can't say enough about how great the House of Hearing experience was. thank you Deborah Hinman
Trinka Whatley
Trinka Whatley
I would highly recommend seeing Brenda for your hearing needs. She was friendly, knowledgeable, thorough and spent time to explain everything to me.

Discover Full-Service Audiology Care at House of Hearing in Orem, Utah

Are you in search of an accessible audiologist around your location? Well, you’re in luck! House of Hearing in Orem, Utah, is committed to providing comprehensive and accessible audiology services.

Our reputation rests on the core value of accessibility, ensuring that top-notch hearing care is within your reach.

We believe that the best hearing care is all-encompassing at House of Hearing. We don’t just provide a diagnosis; we’re with you every step of the way. Here’s what our full-service care looks like:

  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Cutting-edge hearing aids and devices
  • Lifetime aftercare and support

Not only do we offer the best audiology services, but we also ensure they’re accessible. This means we’re consistently working towards making our services available to as many people as possible. We’re eager to connect with you and help you on your journey to better hearing.

In summary, choosing House of Hearing Orem for your Audiologist needs means you can expect:

Advanced Audiology with Expert Care

Personalized Hearing Solutions in Orem

Full-Service Audiology, Always Accessible

Dedicated Patient Education & Support

Trustworthy, Professional Hearing Services

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What We Do

Audiologist Services

Locating a skilled audiologist nearby is essential to maintain good hearing and enhance your life. At House of Hearing Orem, we understand the significance of this decision. Our expert audiologists are dedicated to providing excellent care, precise evaluations, and tailored solutions to meet your needs.

We employ cutting-edge technology and offer compassionate service to enhance your hearing experience and enable you to better hear the world around you. Don’t compromise when it comes to your hearing; trust House of Hearing Orem for comprehensive and caring audiology services right in your community. Your journey to improved hearing starts here.

A photo of an older woman with silver hair taking a hearing assessment in a soundproof booth while an audiologist monitors the results.

Hearing Test Orem, UT

A hearing test is similar to an ear check-up. It’s done to see if you can hear well or if there might be any hearing problems. During the test, you listen to different sounds and let the tester know when you hear them. It’s a simple way to find out if you need some hearing assistance.

A photo of a young girl with curly brown hair sitting in her father's lap while receiving a hearing assessment from an audiologist

Custom Ear Molds Orem, UT

Custom ear molds are one-of-a-kind earpieces created just for you. They match your ears perfectly, like a key in a lock. These molds are often used for hearing aids, earphones, or ear protection. They ensure everything stays in place and works smoothly, so you can hear clearly or safeguard your ears. Getting custom ear molds is like having a tailor make a suit that fits your ears perfectly.

A photo of a female audiologist providing a hearing aid consultation to a middle-aged male client with brown skin and a beard.

Hearing Loss Counseling Orem, UT

Hearing loss counseling is similar to having a helpful friend on your journey to better hearing. When sounds become unclear or distant, it can be frustrating and make you feel isolated. Hearing loss counselors help you comprehend the situation and find ways to cope with it, so you can stay connected to the sounds of life.

Why Choose Us


At House of Hearing Orem, we invite you to choose us for your hearing aid consultations because of our dedication to providing top-notch care with a compassionate and reliable approach.

Our knowledgeable professionals utilize advanced technology for accurate evaluations and tailor personalized solutions to your needs.

Selecting the right hearing aid is an important decision, and we take the time to understand your concerns and preferences.

Our continuous support and informative guidance ensure you achieve the best possible results and can make well-informed decisions regarding your hearing health.

You can trust House of Hearing Orem to deliver exceptional hearing aid consultations that enhance your overall quality of life.


Certified experts offering exceptional hearing aid services.


State-of-the-Art Technology for the Best Hearing Aid Services.


We offer quick and dependable hearing aid services at an affordable cost.


Your contentment is our primary concern. Rely on us for all your hearing aid requirements.

Getting the Best Hearing Loss Treatment from a Local Audiologist

If you’re grappling with hearing loss, it’s crucial to seek help from a professional. A local audiologist can provide top-tier hearing loss treatment tailored to your needs.

You’re not just a number in a file to them – you’re a unique individual, and they’ll work hard to get to know you and your hearing health.

Your nearby audiologist’s office is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment. They’ll conduct comprehensive hearing tests, using their extensive training and expertise to pinpoint the cause and severity of your hearing loss.

Once they’ve gathered the necessary data, they’ll sit down with you to discuss the results and the best course of action.

You’re a part of the process, involved in every decision made about your treatment.

Local audiologists create a personalized treatment plan that could include:

  • Hearing aids tailored to your hearing loss and lifestyle
  • Techniques and strategies for coping with hearing loss
  • Therapies to improve your hearing and communication abilities
  • Assistive listening devices (ALDs) that can make daily life easier
  • Regular follow-ups to adjust your treatment as needed

Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. Your nearby audiologist is there for you every step of the way, providing the expert care you need close to home.

With their help, you can face hearing loss head-on and improve your quality of life.

Explore the Next Generation of Hearing Care at House of Hearing in Orem, Utah.

Our team of highly skilled professionals, advanced technology, and personalized approach guarantee top-notch hearing solutions.

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Trustworthy Audiologists at House of Hearing Orem.

At House of Hearing, we understand how important your auditory health is, and that’s why we’re here to offer you top-notch audiology services right in Orem, Utah.

As your local trustworthy and professional audiologist, we’re accessible and ready to meet all your auditory needs.

We’re committed to helping you hear better and improving your quality of life.

You don’t need to look any further for an ‘Audiologist Near Me’, because we’re right here, ready to serve you.

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A photo of a dark-haired female audiologist in a white lab coat holding an otoscope with her arms crossed and smiling.

Discover the Importance of Having an ‘Audiologist Near Me’

Finding a qualified and trusted audiologist near you is not just about convenience. It’s about taking a crucial step towards ensuring your hearing health.

You’re not just looking for any audiologist; you’re searching for a partner who will journey with you, understand your unique needs, and provide expert advice and solutions. That’s why the importance of ‘Audiologist Near Me’ can’t be overstated.

At House of Hearing in Orem, Utah, we’re not just near you; we’re here for you. Our expert team is dedicated to providing top-notch audiology services.

We understand that every hearing journey is unique, and we’re committed to providing personalized care that addresses your specific needs.

So, it’s not just about having an audiologist near you; it’s about having a team ready to ensure you’re heard and taken care of.

With House of Hearing, you’re getting more than a service; you’re joining a community that values and prioritizes your hearing health.

Why is ‘House of Hearing’ the Right Audiology Service for You?

Are you in search of a reliable audiology service that provides professional hearing healthcare conveniently? If so, you might be wondering how the ‘House of Hearing’ can cater to your unique needs based on its unique sales proposition.

At the House of Hearing, we understand that each individual’s hearing needs are unique. That’s why our team of experts conducts an in-depth evaluation to better understand your hearing condition.

You’re not just another patient to us, you’re an individual with specific hearing needs and we’re dedicated to providing a service tailored to you. Our customized solutions ensure that your hearing aids are adjusted to suit your lifestyle and comfort, giving you the best possible hearing experience.

Furthermore, we’re here for you when you need us the most. Our timely support means you won’t have to wait days or weeks to address your hearing concerns. We’re committed to providing you with prompt service without compromising on quality. Because at House of Hearing, we believe everyone deserves to enjoy the world of sound without any hindrance.

So why wait? Discover how our unique sales proposition benefits can make a difference in your hearing health.

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About Orem, Utah

Orem, located in Utah County, Utah, is a dynamic city in the northern part of the state, adjacent to Provo, Lindon, and Vineyard, approximately 45 miles south of Salt Lake City. It boasts a diverse economy and thriving businesses across various sectors, including technology, healthcare, and manufacturing. The city is home to educational institutions such as Utah Valley University, contributing to its cultural vibrancy. Surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of Utah Valley, Orem offers abundant outdoor recreational opportunities, from hiking in nearby mountain ranges to enjoying Utah Lake’s waters. Orem’s strong sense of community, family-friendly atmosphere, and proximity to Salt Lake City make it an attractive destination for residents and professionals seeking a high quality of life and economic opportunities in a picturesque setting.

Map of City, State

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Driving Directions in Orem, Utah to House of Hearing Orem


Driving Directions from House of Hearing Aids Orem, Repair and Hearing Test to 212 W 520 N, Orem, UT 84057, USA

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Driving Directions from Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center to 212 W 520 N, Orem, UT 84057, USA

Things To Do in Orem, Utah


Nielsen's Grove Park

Nielsen’s Grove Park

The UVU Museum of Art at Lakemount

The UVU Museum of Art at Lakemount

Mount Timpanogos Park

Mount Timpanogos Park

Orem Heritage Museum

Orem Heritage Museum

The All-Together Playground

The All-Together Playground

Scera Park

Scera Park

Palisade Park

Palisade Park

Provo Canyon

Provo Canyon

Hang Time Adventure Park

Hang Time Adventure Park

Westmore Park

Westmore Park

Nickel City

Nickel City

The Orchard

The Orchard

Escapes in Time

Escapes in Time

Bonneville Park

Bonneville Park

Springwater Park

Springwater Park

Orem City Center Park

Orem City Center Park

Evermore Park

Evermore Park

SCERA Center for the Arts

SCERA Center for the Arts

Northridge Park

Northridge Park

Bean Life Science Museum

Bean Life Science Museum

Got Questions?


Can I trust the audiologists at House of Hearing?

Absolutely! Our team is highly professional and trustworthy. We’re dedicated to providing the best audiology services in Orem, Utah.

I've been experiencing hearing issues lately. How can House of Hearing help me?

We’re here to help you. Our expert team uses advanced diagnostic equipment to identify the cause of your hearing issues, and we offer personalized solutions to improve your hearing health.

Do you provide full-service care at House of Hearing?

Yes, we do. Our team is committed to providing full-service care, from initial consultation to follow-up appointments. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

I'm new to the area. How can I find an audiologist near me?

If you’re in or around Orem, Utah, House of Hearing is the place for you. Our clinic is easily accessible and our team is ready to assist you with all your hearing needs.

How does House of Hearing educate its patients about their hearing health?

We believe that patient education is key to improving hearing health. Our team will provide you with all the necessary information about your condition, treatment options, and how to maintain your hearing health.